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Video Editing + Videography Jobs

Okay, we need more fingers on focus rings, more eyes on screens, more heads full of new, quirky ideas. We need to grow. Are you looking to grow too? Do you want to make money doing something you love?

We specialise in creating films for other creative people. Megan Olivier Films cover dance and music events, we make promotional films for artists, charities and business owners, and we shoot music videos. We're based in Sheffield, but we film all over the UK, so it really doesn't matter where you're from.

We're looking for casual videographers and video editors (if you're both, that's great!). Casual contracts are a good idea if you have other commitments. No one's going to stop you working one or two or ten jobs outside of Megan Olivier Films. You don't even have to accept any work that we offer to you e.g. if your final exams are right around the corner. And, if you're editing for us, you'll do most of your work from home.

Your casual contract could lead to a part time or full time contract in the near future.

We require a team of reliable and ambitious people who really care about getting good quality video content out into the world. Qualifications are a great example of your commitment but above all we'd like to see the things you've made.

We're making films and if you'd like to make them with us, send a copy of your:
  • CV (just keep in the stuff that's relevant)
  • Cover letter (video form would be amazing - we'd love to meet you!)
  • Showreel under two minutes in length
Send them over to info@meganolivierfilms.co.uk

If you have access to any of your own equipment and/or editing software, let us know. DBS checks are valuable. If you're interested in filming for us, tell us if you have a car or railcard.

The deadline is Sunday 9th April 2017.

You'll be paid at least the living wage for 25+ (no matter your age).

Looking forward to reading and watching your applications!