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Dance Show Filming

Dance Show Filming

I danced from ages four to fourteen. Dance was a massive part of my childhood and I have a pretty good understanding of how much blood, sweat, and tears is poured into a dance show. I even put on a few of my own, forcing my cousins into tutus and selling tickets to our parents.

Back in the day, I watched my dance show DVDs over and over again. I know little Meg
would've LOVED my career choice and that makes me happy.

Here is some information about the dance show filming service that we currently
offer to schools who will sell 45+ DVDs.
Even if you have a small number of students performing or want your event filmed
without the creation of DVDs, feel free to
get in touch anyway and we can work something out.

Our style of event videography is a little bit different, particularly when it comes to dance show filming. We always aim to recreate the experience of watching your event live in the theatre or arena. We know that you want to see your choreography. All of your choreography. We won't
cut to close ups unless it makes sense and we won't cut off feet when footwork is important.
We know you want to see close ups on the actors who are the main focus of the scene, not the
child yawning on the side. It drives me crazy when I watch dance videos that have loads of zooming and panning; your dance show already has enough movement. We don't want to take
the focus off your creation and onto our filming.