Can I buy a copy of the DVD directly from you?
You can pay for your DVD via our PayPal ( or contact us if you'd like to pay via BACS.

The deadline has passed, can I still order?
Maybe, please contact us directly to find out. We'll see what we can do. However, after the deadline, the price of the DVDs may be slightly higher. Do try and get your pre-orders in as quickly as you can, before the show, if possible.

Will you post my DVD directly to me?
You'll be able to collect your DVD from your teacher as soon as it's ready, however, if you are not able to collect it, we will post your copy to you. Please indicate that you'd like us to do this on your order form and include an extra £2 to pay for packing and First Class postage.

Where is my DVD?
*Coming Soon!* If you check the order form, you will find a custom URL made specifically for your DVD. On there you will find updates on the creation of your DVDs and we occasionally upload snippets for you to take a look at. If other parents have their DVD and you don't, your dance teacher probably still has your copy. Please speak to them before contacting us directly.

My DVD doesn't work. Can you send a new one?
We definitely can. All we ask is that you post your original DVD to us so we can have a look over it. This happens incredibly rarely so it would be great to get to the root of the issue to prevent it from happening in the future. If we do find a fault, we will then refund you for the postage and post out a replacement DVD.