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Music Video Production

Music video production is where we first started in filmmaking and editing to music is still our favourite thing. We understand how hard it can be to stand out in any artistic field, but if you're really serious about promoting your song then uploading a music video to Youtube is such a great way to start building an online following! Our prices typically start at £675. Pricing is dependent upon how many locations you'd like us to visit, how long your idea will take to piece together, and how much post production you'll need. If you ask us to film your music we will:

Plan and Discuss

We'll have a meeting with you (and your band if you have one!) to brainstorm ideas. Even if you're on a low budget, we want to help you make something that will help you stand out. I'm tired of seeing singers lip syncing in front of a blank wall. Let's do something different.


We'll always use at least two cameras to speed up the time you need to spend in front of a camera. We're willing to travel to multiple locations and do whatever it takes to get the best shots we possible can.


Our favourite part! This is where your music video will really come to live. We'll make sure we use the very best footage that we captured on the day of the shoot. If there are other videos that have caught your eye with their effects or beautiful colour grading, do send them over - inspiration is always welcome! Contact us at info@meganolivierfilms.co.uk and we can discuss how to bring your original music to life!

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