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It can be really hard to make yourself stand in todays noisy, online world. If you want to show potential customers that you provide the best ballet lessons in your area, the most entertaining children's parties, or the cosiest guesthouse, you're going to need to be a part of that world. If
you can't beat them, join them. And be better than them. If you've got a vision (or even just a
rough idea) of what you'd like to create to make your business stand out on the internet and, in particular, social media, send us an email. Then we can arrange a meeting and start discussing
how we can create something that really captures the essence of what you're about.

For a ninety second to two minute promotional film, you can expect to pay around £700 for your promotional video production. Pricing is bespoke and will vary depending on the total length of your film, hours filming required, how many locations you need us to visit, and the complexity of your edit. We'll always provide at least two videographers with two cameras - three if we deem it necessary - to capture everything we need to make your project amazing. Some of our clients make their own music. Some of them pay for a licence. If neither of those are an option for you, we'll find the best copyright free piece possible. We do work with a few bands who may be willing to let you use one of their pieces. Promotional video production might seem pricey to some people. However, if you invest in a quality film, it can be on your homepage for years and years, keeping people on your site for longer.